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As the Presentation Doctor, I take your Keynote, PowerPoint, PDF or handout and make it better. Your pitch or slide deck has only one chance to make a great first impression. Audiences of all types today are visually saavy, have shorter attention spans and have little patience for slide upon slide of materials that are poorly designed, inconsistent, too long, repetitive or full of mistakes. I make you and your company look good by cleaning up your presentation and ensuring that it's attractive, on brand, concise, well organized and free from glaring errors. Stop struggling to get your story right and let us breathe new life into your presentation so that your audience can concentrate on your message and be impressed by your professionalism—and you'll increase your chances of winning your listeners eyes, ears and respect... and you'll be more likely to win that pitch or new client. 

With a background in editorial and educational design, I'm very passionate about story flow and making complicated information clear and supportive of the overall message. I bring clarity, humor and attention to detail in every project I do. After attending a conference where a brilliant woman was speaking about something that I absolutely don't remember because the giant screen behind her head was full of typography inconsistencies, low resolution images and spelling mistakes. What a shame! That's when the idea of the Presentation Doctor was born. 

My Process for 20 slides

1. We can meet in person or on the telephone to discuss what your needs are. 

2. You provide me with your current presentation plus any extra information that is important (ie: is there a branding style guide?)

3. I will contact you via phone or email if there are any questions and send you an in progress sample of a few slides to check that we are on track. 

4. Upon your feedback and approval I will finalize the presentation and send it to you. I will have also taken a look at your template and style sheets and cleaned them up so that you can easily make any changes you would like in your presentation and it will be in the same style. 

What I don't do

1. Create presentation from scratch

2. More than 1 correction round

Additional slides = €40 per slide

Speed Turnaround (12 hours) = €900

My hair is on fire turnaround = Let's Talk

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